Day 19. We Need a Foot Massage!

Today we checked out of our hostel in Prague. We grabbed a quick breakfast then walked to the famous castle in the city.

Prague is a beautiful city, with some amazing buildings, bridges and river that winds through it. The river is always busy with little rowing boats, speed boats and even small cruise boats.

We have been walking around every city to a) see the city and b) avoid paying for public transport! However…we have paid a price for this.

Our feet are ruined!

We are walking between 8 and 15 miles a day…so we are both day dreaming about a pedicure and foot massage when we get home!! Swollen feet are not fun!

It was at least 25 degrees today with no wind or cloud, probably the hottest of the trip so far. But if you know me, you know I’m a sucker for the sun!

The castle was beautiful, even if we did have to walk (very slowly) up the steep streets to get there.

We sat at the top and enjoyed the view that overlooked the whole city before walking along the river back to our hostel.

We grabbed our bags and walked to the train station, which thankfully was only a 15 minute walk.

It has been surprisingly refreshing to not use the GPS/maps on our phones and actually use the city maps. It’s much more reliable and easy to figure out directions.We’ve found reading a ‘real’ map has helped us really get to know a city.

Anyways, we are now on a night train on the way to Venice. We left at 5pm and will arrive in Italy around 8am. It’s great because we don’t have to pay for a hostel for the night and can just sleep on the train!

It’s crazy that we’ve only got three more cities to visit! The trip has flown by so far!

Chat tomorrow,

Hannah x


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