Day 18. Insane Bungee Jumping!

I have a confession to make…

This morning Hailey and I went bungee jumping off a bridge in Prague. We planned it a few days earlier in Berlin but decided it was probably best if our friends and family didn’t know, to save them the worrying!

At 9:00am we were picked up at our hostel in the center of Prague. We had talked about bungee jumping, but we wanted to do it somewhere cool, not just off a crane in a city! The location of our jump was about an hour from Prague.

During the journey I bounced between being excited, nervous, scared and thinking ‘what the f*ck are we doing!?’

Either way, bungee jumping has been top of my bucket list for years now, so there was no way I was missing out!

We arrived at the bridge, signed some paperwork, got our harnesses on and watched a few others jump.

The Czech/English language barrier was interesting to say the least, but eventually we both walked along the bridge to where we would jump. I decided to go first to try and minimise time looking down!!

I was so excited to do it, but the fear properly hit me when I stepped over the fence and I was standing on the edge of the bridge looking down the 200 feet drop.

I won’t write down the words going through my head at that point…but you can imagine.

The guy told me he would count down from three, then I could jump.


Yep…I completely froze haha. My body literally couldn’t move. I turned around to him and said,

“Shit sorry, but you’re going to have to push me.”

Second try.


The next second I was freefalling headfirst. The feeling was incredible. Absolutely terrifying, but unreal. One of the best things I’ve ever done, but definitely the most adrenaline fuelled moment of my life.

I was eventually pulled upside down back to the top of the bridge. My hands were shaking but I couldn’t stop smiling, it was awesome.

It was Hailey’s turn next. It was so cool to watch her do it and to do our first bungee jump together!

We headed back to Prague to explore the city properly for the rest of the afternoon. We walked to Old Town, the square where the famous clocktower is, walked across Charles Bridge and ate donuts filled with ice cream, (a local speciality, so we were told!)

We met up with our hostel roommate from Berlin because he was also in Prague. After walking around with him, we grabbed a beer then headed to a beautiful beer garden on the other side of Prague.

There were huge screens in the park showing the ice hockey semi-finals, USA vs Canada…USA lost, but watching in the beer garden was a great atmosphere.

We’re catching the train to Venice tomorrow, where we’re going to stay for two nights. But safe to say, an incredible day in Prague!

Chat tomorrow,

Hannah x


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