Day 17. Prague 80/90s Dance Party!

Unfortunately, today was our last day in Berlin. It’s been a great three days here because we’ve managed to do so much in such a short time. However, there’s definitely more  to discover here so I’d want to visit again some day.

Checking out of the hostel was bittersweet because it was so nice and we met some awesome people.

For our last afternoon in the city, we headed to a big park near the ….. Gate. It was a beautiful day, sunny and  around 23 degrees. So we found a spot where I sunbathed (napped) and Hailey read.

After a couple of hours we walked back to the hostel, grabbed our bags and caught a bus to the station.

Berlin’s food and drink was surprisingly cheap, which I wasn’t expecting at all. So we bought dinner at the train station before our train left at 5:00pm.

The trains inbetween countries have been so nice; much nicer than I expected! So far they have all had cafés with a separate dining area where you can have your meal/drinks.

We had a private compartment on the train with 3 other guys. The train had sockets to charge our phones…so you can imagine we were more than happy.

We arrived at Prague station around 9:30pm. To get to our hostel we needed to take a few trains. Seeing as it was late and to be honest, we really couldn’t be bothered figuring out more public transport…we treated ourselves to…a TAXI!

Seems stupid but we haven’t been spending any money on transport, so dropping €20 on a taxi was quite the luxury! It was well worth it though.

Our hostel is good because it’s in the center of town. It’s pretty basic but it’s a bed to sleep in.

Haileys friend is studying in Prague so we met up with him at a club he suggested. It was an 80s and 90s video dance club, it was awesome! It played the cheesiest old music all night, Venga Boys, ABBA, Grease, Cher and many more, it was the best!

Looking forward to exploring more of Prague over the next two days!

Chat tomorrow,

Hannah x


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