Day 16. Exploring Berlin!

Today was awesome because we explored a totally new side of Berlin that we hadn’t seen yet.

We had heard from friends and other people we’ve met that Berlin is such a cool city, but sometimes it can be hard to find the best parts.

As you know, yesterday we covered the centre of the city and all the tourist/historic parts. Today we wanted to get off the beaten path and see what the real Berlin had to offer.

One of the staff at our hostel recommended some of his favourite local places, so we followed his advice.

First we walked down to the East Side Gallery, which is a long stretch of the Berlin Wall that still exists and it’s covered in street art. It’s incredible! The artwork ranges from graffiti to huge powerful pieces across the wall-face.

We then headed to a park recommended by the hostel. It was particularly cool because the park was created from an old airport runway that’s no longer in use. It was obviously a huge space with people biking, cycling and rollerblading around.

It had skate parks, beer gardens and baseball fields. Such a cool way to make use of a huge space.

The best part of the day was the food! We were advised to check out a local market that only serves street food on Thursday evenings. Luckily for us it’s Thursday, so we ate dinner there.

It was SO good. There were lots of little food stalls serving food from all over the world inside this food court decorated with fairy lights and picnic benches.

I had a Greek dish of lamb meatballs and pita bread and an Indian naan bread wrap with curried pork. So tasty!

After dinner we chilled in the hostel for a bit because we walked another 13 miles today! It’s great walking everywhere in the city because we’re seeing so much, but our feet are definitely suffering from it!

Around 11:00pm we went to a nightclub close by called ‘House of Weekend.’ It had a rooftop bar as well as a dance floor/club inside. The music was all techno which is apparently the most popular genre in Germany.

It was so fun, but so strange haha. The ‘techno’ club scene is so different to anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s hard to explain but everyone just looks like zombies on the dance floor.

We met some exchange students from Australia and Scotland which was nice.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Prague, which everyone has said is so good! So we’re excited for that!

Chat tomorrow,

Hannah x


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