Day 15. History of Berlin.

We got up pretty early again today so we could make the 10am free walking tour around Berlin.

The walking tours really are such an easy and cheap way to see the city. The tour was three hours and our tour guide, Franziska, was amazing.

She took us to the Holocaust Memorial, what’s left of the Berlin Wall, the place where Hitler killed himself and lots of other historic buildings and landmarks.

Berlin is such a crazy city to be in because it has so much history. But in contrast it’s really only officially 26 years old, so it’s kind of brand new too!

The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin was incredible, so moving and powerful. It represents all of the Jews killed through over 2,000 blocks, all different shapes and sizes. It’s incredible to visit, the scale of it is much more surreal in person.

Berlin is what I expected, a mix of incredibly modern buildings and beautiful old architecture.
We chilled in the hostel for a bit before heading out for dinner. We ate at a traditional German beer garden. The food was awesome and we sat outside surrounded by Christmas lights.

(Berlin Wall)

Hailey and I both got classic German dishes and obviously a local beer to go with it. Afterwards we walked around and found a sweet little bar.

We met up with an English guy we met the night before. He is tall and lanky with crazy hair and black glasses, a hipster-nerd-cool kinda guy haha.

The bar we drank at had a ping pong table and we joined in with the group game where you run around the table until you miss the ball or foul. It was basically a knock out (last one standing) game. So much fun in such a little cool bar!

(Our bunk beds!)

I’m loving Berlin so far! The hostel is great and it’s such a trendy city. I’m excited to explore more of it!

Chat tomorrow,

Hannah x


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