Day 14. 7 Countries in 10 Days.

We checked out of our hostel around 10:00am, and then we walked into the city for a couple of hours.

After seeing the Red Light District in action last night, we both wanted to learn more about that culture, it’s history, the women’s stories and how it operates ‘legally.’

We went to a museum in the area that explained a lot about how it all works and the industry as a whole. Over 4,000 men visit the sex workers during the day, which is crazy. There are currently around 900 prositutues working legally in the Red Light District today.

Some of the facts were mind blowing. Even though it’s legal, obviously there is still some shady business that goes on, which the police try their best to shut down.

The prositution and the drug culture in Amsterdam is so unique. The police apply a sense of tolerance to try and minimise problems in the city. Cannabis is not actually legal in Amsterdam, which I didn’t realise. The police just stopped arresting people for dealing or having it 40 years ago, because they felt there were more harmful/dangerous things for the justice system to worry about!

Amsterdam is somewhere I’d definitely come back to, it’s a fun city and absolutely anybody and everybody fits in, it’s cool.

After a few hours in the city we collected our bags from the hostel and walked to the train station.

We caught a train that arrived in Berlin around 9:30pm. Our hostel was a short bus ride away from the station.

The hostel is awesome so far. We got free drinks at the rooftop bar as we arrived. Our roommates are great again, we’ve been so lucky.

Two of the guys in our 6 bed ensuite room are from the US and Canada. We had a drink with them at the bar when we arrived, they are hilarious! Just imagine one of them as Will from the Inbetweeners and the other as Alan from the Hangover, and that’ll be pretty accurate.

I also met a really nice English guy who’s travelling around Berlin by himself. After not being around English people the majority of the time, it’s so comforting to chat to someone from ‘home.’

Anyways, we can’t wait to see what Berlin has to offer!

Chat tomorrow,

Hannah x


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