Day 13. Bikes & Beers!

Last night we met our other roommates who are two Canadian and one Spanish girl.

This hostel also has free breakfast, so we took advantage of that this morning! After breakfast we rented two bright orange bikes for the day. The best way to get around Amsterdam is definitely by bike. The cyclists are crazy but have the right of way over pretty much everything.

We rode to the city center where we joined the free walking tour. It was a great way to see the city and actually learn a bit about its history.

On the tour we went past the Anne Frank house, around the Red Light District and along the canals. Our Australian tour guide told us about the drug culture, the sex workers, Amsterdam during WWII and the city’s development over time.

After the tour we cycled to the ‘I Amsterdam’ letters, which was surrounded by tourists. We then went to the Heineken Factory to do the tour experience in the country it was founded in.

The tour was pretty cool. We got to learn about the companies history, family and how it has expanded world wide. We also got three free beers, so no complaints there!

Amsterdam isn’t a huge city at all, so it’s really easy to find your way around, especially on a bike. You can get pretty much anywhere in 10-15 minutes…and it’s so fun riding the bikes through the city. 

That night we rode back into the city centre to meet our teammate Anne. We ate dinner at a small Dutch restaurant. After food, we walked to a square of bars and clubs.

One of the guys on our tour that afternoon recommended that we went to a bar called ‘The Waterhole,’ because he said it had live music and a great atmosphere. He was right!

When we arrived an English guy playing a guitar was on stage. He was so entertaining, great voice and talented guitarist too. His songs were hilarious though, he had everyone in stitches because his lyrics were so funny.

A 60s pop band played next, they reminded me of the Beach Boys. We played a game of pool as they played.

Walking around Amsterdam at night is pretty different to the day time. During the day the ‘Red Light District’ isn’t as evident. There are some women that sit in Windows during the day, but it’s no where near as many as night.

When it’s dark outside, on certain streets nearly every window has a red light hanging over it. There are hundreds of windows with female sex workers standing in. It’s crazy, like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

It’s obviously a huge tourist attraction, but it’s definitely something you won’t see anywhere else in the world.

Next, we headed to a club but it had just opened so it was pretty quiet. We were decided what to do when these three Dutch students, Matilda, Danny and Abol, offered us to join them. They were super qwerky; one dude had a huge Afro, the girl was a dizzy blonde and the other guy had messy hair, like a crazy professor.

We had no plans so we tagged along. We ended up getting a ride on the back of their bikes along the small streets of Amsterdam. It was so fun, kind of terrifying too haha! I’ll never forget it.

They turned out to be awesome and we ended up hanging out with them all night. We cycled to a club called ‘Disco Dolly,’ which was fun but the music wasn’t my taste at all…but we danced til 3:00am anyways before cycling home.

Having the bikes was a much easier and funnier way to get home than a taxi haha!

I don’t have great service, so can’t upload many pictures right now!

Chat tomorrow,

Hannah x


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