Day 12. Canals & Cannabis?!

Our train ride to Amsterdam was super simple, completely stress free. When we arrived we walked to our hostel, which was thankfully only a 5 minute walk this time!

The hostel is great. It’s a 20 minute walk from the city centre, very clean and safe. I’ve been so, so impressed with the standard of the hostels so far.

We are staying in a 6 bed dorm with an ensure bathroom and shower which is very nice. It’s just like a hotel, you need key cards to get everywhere and there’s a modern lobby and bar downstairs. There’s also free wifi and breakfast!

Once we were settled in our room we walked into the city to explore and get our bearings. We walked up and down the canals and had something to eat in the market square.

There were some Sunday markets stalls, so I bought another handmade bracelet from a local woman.

I already really like Amsterdam. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit because I’ve seen it in so many pictures and it definitely is just like the movies!

The city is super cool, relaxed and ‘hip.’ Probably not to everyone’s liking, but I love it. Everyone is so unique and does their own thing.

The bikes really do get priority on the streets. Everyone cycles eveywhere! There are hardly any cars on the road so, it’s just all bikes or mopeds. Everytime I cross a road I feel like I’m going to get wiped out by something or someone!

However, in certain parts the streets definitely smell of weed but that makes sense seeing as it’s legal! We were innocently walking along a side street when a naked women wearing a leather thong opened a door. We burst out laughing because we were not expecting it haha.

We met an awesome guy in a small sweet shop called Seddrick. He was so eccentric, great personality. He told us some cool local spots to visit and some must dos in Amsterdam!

We headed to a local bar Seddrick recommended called Roest. It was an old railway courtyard turned into a bar, with a beach and picnic tables right by the canal. It was a sweet recommendation because it wasn’t ‘touristy’ at all, definitely a locals spot.

The people in there were ‘unique’ to say the least. Most of them didn’t have shoes on, one dude rocked Indian feathers, one woman wore a tutu and others sported patterned leggings, leather pants and much more…we were the odd ones out for wearing jeans!

We’re just chilling in the hostel tonight because we’re having a super tourist day in the city tomorrow. We already met one of our roommates, a Japanese guy called Hero!

Anyways that’s all for now.

Chat tomorrow,

Hannah x


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