Day 11. Best Beer in the World!

This morning we met a German couple who were also staying in our room. We woke at around 8:30am and head downstairs to take advantage of the free breakfast.

I slept pretty well, even though the wooden bunk beds weren’t the comfiest, but they did the job! My body was pretty sore his morning because we ended up walking 14 miles around Paris yesterday! I’ve never walked so much in my life haha.

After a breakfast of a lot of bread, cheese and pate, we walked to the Arc De Triumph. The buildings in Paris are all so grand and detailed, it’s so pretty.

(Free breakfast below…no complaints!)

For the rest of the day we walked to the other side of Paris. I bought a huge pain du chocolat from a small bakery, it was gorgeous!

I bought a bracelet from a homemade stall on the street but as I was choosing which one I wanted, the man made a tiny metal camera sculpture for me, for free!

After another 9 miles exploring Paris, we knew our way around pretty well. We chilled at our youth hostel on ‘Rue du St.Honroe’ for a bit before heading to the train station.

We caught a train that arrived in Brussels at 7:00pm, where our old teammate Charlotte picked us up. We ate dinner at a cute pita restaurant, and the food was so good.

Walking around Brussels was so fun because the city was celebrating Gay Pride so there were street parties all over the streets. It was like a music festival in the centre of Brussels!

The first thing we bought were Belgian waffles, with Nutella, strawberries and cream. Charlotte showed us around the city before heading to a local bar that has thousands of different beers.

The bar we went to was voted to have the ‘best beer in the world,’ so we tried one…and it actually was pretty good.

It was nice to stay at Charlottes house and sleep in a big bed and eat breakfast from her local bakery.

We are currently on the way to Amsterdam, which in so excited for!

Next stop, Amsterdam!

Chat tomorrow,

Hannah x


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