Day Nine. And, We’re Off! 

Even though we’ve been traveling around the UK and Ireland for nearly a week, we have been staying with friends and family. Today is the first ‘real’ day of our backpacking trip because we are truly on our own now. Oh the responsibility!

We started the day by catching the 8:06am train to London. We ended up getting moved on to the 8:49am train, but it actually made the train journey shorter and more direct to London Euston.

By the way, we have named our backpacks Boris & Bernadette. You can see in the picture below, mine (bright green) is Boris and Hailey’s (bright purple) is Bernadette. Just so you know for future reference haha!

We managed to snag a table for the journey to London. However, just five minutes into the trip, as the ticket collector came to check tickets, he spilt my whole glass of rose all over me. A great start to the trip haha!

It was a coincidence that one of my friends Lauren was also in London today, so Hailey and I spent the day with her too.
We decided to buy hop on/off bus tour tickets to et around a bigger amount of London, as we just had one afternoon. For the first couple of hours we took the bus through Westminster and London City. This is the more modern looking pet of London that’s home to the financial district, law and journalism.

In the afternoon, we walked around Buckingham Palace, up to Hyde Park, along Oxford Street, then down Regent Street to Trafalgar Square and Convent Garden. We ate at an Indian restaurant before walking to the youth hostel, right by Euston Station.

I’m very impressed by the youth hostel, called PubLove, so far. The hostel is above a trendy, traditionally English pub. We are staying in a shared dorm of four bunk beds. Our roommates so far include two German girls, an English girl and a guy from Mexico.

We walked miles today, so one of the first things I did was have a shower once we were checked in. Public showers can obviously be hit or miss, but as you can see they were great. Super clean, modern, spacious and good water pressure…everyone knows that’s important!

I’m going to try and get an early night because we are getting up at 4:30am to catch our 5:40am train to Paris. Even though I feel completely safe in this youth hostel, I’ll be sleeping now with my ‘fashionable’ bum-bag around my waist with my valuables and probably my backpack in my bed too! Better safe than sorry, right?!

Next stop, Paris!

Chat tomorrow,

Hannah x


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