Day 10. Bonjour, Paris!

My alarm went off at 4:20am. Usually it would take me a minute or so to snooze it, but that wasn’t an option when sharing a room with 6 strangers!

I must have been so tired last night after walking around London all day because I fell asleep around 10pm and didn’t hear the other hostel roommates come in later that night.

Even though it was 4:30am, I actually felt very rested because I slept so well. I didn’t wake once in the night and was out as soon as my head hit the pillow!

We walked to St Pancras station and arrived there at 5:00am. I bought a pain du chocolat for breakfast before boarding the EuroStar to Paris. I slept the whole train ride and woke up in Paris.

We decided to walk from the Paris train station to our youth hostel. It ended up being a 3 mile walk with our 12kg backpacks on. It wasn’t that bad until the last 20 minutes when we were trying to find the hostel entrance.

It was nice to finally put our back packs down in the hostel, which is right next to the famous French landmark, the Louvre.

After we stored out luggage, we walked around Paris all day. We walked right along the river to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, through the Louvre gardens and we even saw the ‘padlock-love-bridge.’

For lunch, we ate baguettes, drank wine in a small French cafe and bought Nutella crepes from a street stall. We had our evening meal by the Notre Dame cathedral. On the way back to the hostel we stopped to buy dessert.

I bought a huge slice of chocolate fondant and Hailey bought a slice of cheesecake, about as big as her face.

By the time we returned to the hostel we were ready to lie down. We walked a total of 11 miles in Paris, combined with easily over 6 or 7 yesterday in London. We’re definitely going to be averaging around 10 miles a day exploring the cities we visit.

Hopefully by the end of the trip I will have lost a few pounds from all the walking too haha!

Our three Portugese roommates are so nice. One of the girls is called Marta and one of the guys called Micheal (the third was napping!) They are really friendly and loved practicing speaking English to us. Whenever I travel I always wish I’d worked harder in school to learn another language!

The youth hostels are fun to stay at and meet people in. You obviously get what you pay for, but they are honestly not bad at all. I think I’ve stayed at worse hotels! 

This is the lobby of the Paris hostel.

Tomorrow we are spending the day in Paris and getting a train to Belgium in the evening.

Chat tomorrow,

Hannah x


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