Day Seven. Sunny Scotland.

My house in England is a few miles from the Scottish border, so it only made sense to visit while I was home.

We drove up to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, to spend the day in the city. When we arrived we had a huge traditional breakfast outside in the sunshine. If you’re familiar with English weather, you’ll know how bad it is. However, Scottish weather has a reputation for being even worse!

Somehow we have been so lucky that this past week in England, Scotland and Ireland has been hot and sunny every day. A mini British heatwave…at least the best it would ever get!

After breakfast in Edinburgh, we walked around the old cobbled streets, listened to the bag pipes, climbed up to the castle and walked down the Royal Mile.

Edinburgh is such a beautiful, historic city so close to my home. We were so lucky with the weather, it made the day ever better!

Before we headed home we ended up chatting to an old local Scottish man who was telling us about his travel stories. His advice to us was that your favourite place to travel is the place you’re in at that moment.

I’m hosting a dinner party tonight for some of my old friends from hockey and home, which will be nice for my penultimate night here.

Chat tomorrow,

Hannah x


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