Day Four. Looking for Leprachauns. 


Waking up in Ireland makes it the third morning in a row where I’ve woken up in a different country. Amazing, but definitely confusing for a second.

Jet lag nearly got the better of me, but I managed to drag myself downstairs to where Sarah’s Dad had cooked an awesome breakfast of sausage, bacon and eggs.

We drank tea and coffee and chatted about last night in Dublin. The strip of bars and pubs is called Temple Bar, it’s incredible because everywhere is so lively. It was honestly just as good if not better than  another other night out. I already can’t wait to visit again.

It was cloudy and a little bit rainy outside but we decided to explore the Irish outdoors at Glendalough where we hiked around a lake and up a mountain.

We didn’t really have much of a plan. So we followed random trails until we found ourselves at the top of the valley, looking down to the tiny lake where we started.

The trails were super scenic and cool. We walked along planks of wood in the forest, climbed hundreds of steps and scrambled up the hillside to get to the top.

The view was awesome from the top. Well worth the climb; during which we stripped off most of our clothes because we were sweating so much.

With our rolled up trousers, jackets wrapped around our waist and t-shirts pulled up we headed back down the mountain.

On the way back to Sarah’s we stopped at a pub for some lunch and also at a local Gaelic Football game. When we got back it was just about time to head to the airport for our flight back to England.

Even though we just spent one night in Ireland it was good to see both sides of the country; the upbeat nightlife and the amazing landscape and countryside.

It’s so nice to finally be home in England though. We treated ourselves to Fish & Chips as soon as we landed; Hailey’s first ever traditional English meal!

I can’t wait to show Hailey around my hometown for the next few days in England.

Chat tomorrow,

Hannah x


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