Day Three. Irish Night Out.


Our flight to England was perfect. We had a whole row of seats to ourselves. The entire back of the plane was completely empty, so we spread out and tried to get as much sleep as possible before landing in England at 9:00am.

After landing we grabbed a traditional English breakfast in the airport. I had a bacon and sausage sandwich while Hailey had tea and porridge.

The weather was surprisingly hot for an English May morning. So we decided to take a quick power nap outside in a small park at Manchester airport.

Time dragged as we waited for our next flight to Dublin, sleep deprived and impatient. We eventually boarded our flight and managed to closely avoid a £50 fee for oversized luggage.

Our teammate Sarah, who lives in Ireland, picked us up from the airport as we were spending the night at her house.

We had a chilled afternoon at her house before heading into Dublin for an Irish night out.

Dublin was everything I expected…and more. The cobbled streets were jam-packed with singers, bands and Irish pubs. Every pub was full of people singing along to the local live music. The atmosphere was electric.

We hopped from three or four different bars, singing and dancing to the guitarists playing in each venue. I finally tried my first pint of Guiness as we sang along to Country Roads, Sweet Caroline and motown music in the packed crowds.

Unfortunately we are heading home tonight, but Dublin is definitely somewhere I would want to return to soon.  The streets were alive with acoustic music and each bar had its own style.

America, England and Ireland, all in 24 hours.

Dublin, I’ll be back!

Chat tomorrow,



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