Day Two. Airport Fights.

Another day of traveling complete.

Our one mission today was to make it from Hailey’s house to JFK airport. We grabbed breakfast at ‘The Bagelry’ a local favorite, and then we hit the road.

Hailey’s Dad and Grandpa drove us to Newark airport where we caught a shuttle bus that would take us to JFK.

The bus, that was supposedly meant to arrive every 15 minutes, eventually showed up 40 minutes later. We used the best of our D1 athletic abilities to cut the long line of people waiting for the bus! 

And, it’s lucky we did.

We were last two people in line to get a seat on the shuttle bus, and there was at least another 25 people behind us.

The bus ride to JFK was painless, despite our dead phones. A quick change over a Times Square NYC, the most hilarious bus-driver ever and we were at thee airport before we knew it.

Checking in for a flight is never an exciting experience. Except this time. 

Upon our arrival to the line, a guy had jumped the line (something we’d obviously never do…) and another dude ran up to him and shoved him in the chest.

Mr-Queue-Jumper continued to argue with security as Hailey and I booed and heckled him from the line. Fortunately, he was sent to the back. Better luck next time dude.

Anyways, airport food has been eaten and we board our flight to Manchester in a couple of hours.

Next stop, England.

Chat tomorrow,

Hannah x


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