Day One: Road Trip.

Bag are packed and we’re on the road.

Today we drove down to Pennsylvania and are spending the night at Hailey’s house before our flight leaves tomorrow. In the morning we will be making our way to JFK airport, New York for our night flight to Manchester, England.

My morning started by waking up at 5:00am to work the opening shift at the University gym. My last shift of the semester, but just as tiring as the rest.

After work, we organised our luggage and said our final goodbyes to friends, roommates and teammates. Our “luggage” for the next four weeks consists of just two bags. One backpack and one small carry on case.

Packing included taking pretty much one of each item seeing as we are going to be carrying everything we take on our own backs.

The drive from UMass to Hailey’s house was six hours. Ironically, just as long as our flight will be tomorrow. We jammed to throwbacks the whole way; Avril Lavigne, Maroon 5 and Ashley Simpson.

Snacking on popcorn and fig Newtons the whole journey, we eventually made it to Pennsylvania. Greeted by Mr Cockrum’s homemade burgers, we spent the evening catching up with Hailey’s parents, grandparents and her high school field hockey coach.

Now we’re just packing up our final things and organizing our trip to the airport tomorrow, before the real madness begins.

Next stop, JFK airport.

Chat soon,

Hannah x


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