It Finally Snowed!

Friday. 9:20am. My phone alarm started to buzz. The best, but hardest day of the week. Just one class, one workout and one lift to go before the weekend.

It usually takes me a few snoozes and 20 minutes to roll my body of out bed. But, this morning was different. I grabbed my phone and went through my morning routine.

Messages, Emails, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat.

Laying in bed, already day dreaming about jumping back into it tonight, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on Snapchat. Snow. It actually snowed. No way. I jumped straight out of bed, only a few minutes after my alarm, a rare occasion, and pulled open my blinds to this view.


There is nothing more magical than waking up to a complete blanket of snow, especially when you’re least expecting it. It has been weirdly warm in Massachusetts so far this year. The temperature has been an abnormal 10 – 15 degrees lately, with absolutely no sign of snow. So the covering of snow was the best wake up call ever, and it got me out of bed pretty damn fast.


This is the first proper snow fall of the year, well and even since before Christmas. The snow makes everything look so pretty, even if the slushy, wet, slippery walk to classes is a little challenging, I can’t help but love the snow.


Even though I’ve been feeling pretty ill lately, you know, the usual runny nose, sore throat, swollen glands, the snow definitely cheered me up. So, thanks Jack Frost for the best surprise this morning. It made my Friday even sweeter.

Stay warm, safe and dry…and pray for a snow day.

Hannah x



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