2016, my biggest year yet.

Even though Christmas is one of my favourite days of the year, there’s just something about New Years Eve that beats it.

I’ll always be a big kid, not able to sleep on Christmas Eve, but there’s something even more magical about the last night of the year.

For me, New Years Eve is about reminiscing with family and friends about the year and what you’re looking forward to in the new year.

I’m always excited for the New Year. I enjoy a new beginning, the first chapter of a blank book.

2016 is going to be particularly special for my family and I.  There are just way too many awesome things happening this year, it just has to be the best year of my life yet.

Can you tell I’ve got high expectations?

So, here’s what’s about to go down.


Yep, scary I know. So, turning 21 was never really a big deal to me until I moved to America. My 18th birthday will always be my favourite party ever. All my family and friends celebrating together, nothing will ever beat it.

But, this spring break I’ll finally turn 21. Which, is a kinda big deal over here in the states. And it means I’m officially an adult, no matter where I am, world wide.


This summer, my friend and I are spending four weeks backpacking around Europe. I plan to be blogging, instagramming and documenting the whole trip so I won’t go into to much detail now.

Places we’re going to adventure in are, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Holand, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic. (I think I hit them all!)



So this is kind of dramatic and stuff…but it’s true. This summer, will essentially be my last summer of freedom, for a long, long time.

I plan to make the summer from my Junior to Senior year the best yet. Once I graduate, I imagine I’ll have plans to start a new job and move to whereever the real world leads me. Scary.THE OLYMPIC GAMES.

That is all.


Urgh. The craziest part of the year yet. This September will commence my FINAL year of University. Argh. Anxiety. Real life. Jobs and stuff. Bills and stuff. Responsibilities and stuff.

Anyway I’m not going to dwell on that part too long…I’ve got many more fun things to get up to in the mean time.

Safe to say I’m excited for 2016!

Bye for now,

Hannah x


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