There’s Something About Australia…

So, I just arrived back in America after spending Christmas and New Year in Sydney, Australia. It’s safe to say the jet lag is real right now, and it’s definitely no fun at all.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit a fair share of countries in the first 20 years of my life and Australia is by far my favourite of them all. There is just something about Australia.

If you’ve ever visited before I’m going to assume that you’ll know exactly what I mean. For at least four years my family and I have spent the Christmas holidays in Australia and it is just so relaxing. And no, I don’t miss the cold weather, frost, snow…or more likely, rain.

Obviously, being on the other side of the world with only my immediate family makes me miss my extended family at home on Christmas Day, like my Gran, Aunties, Uncles and cousins. But, as I said, there is just something about Australia.

In my experience, and I’m sure my friends and family over there will agree, literally everyone I’ve met in Australia is super happy, friendly or just so laid back they are practically horizontal.

My theory is, given that Australia rarely drops below zero degrees, they have beautiful beaches, wildlife, oceans, nature and well, people, they have very little to be unhappy about. Oh and how could I forget to mention their perfect accents?!

Now, one thing that crosses my mind about Australia is that it’s pretty much a long haul flight away from any country, but then I think…well, why would you want to leave anyway?

You can snowboard and ski in the winter up in the mountains, you can surf all year on the endless oceans and lay on the sand pretty much anywhere because there is an unlimited supply of beaches.

The time I’ve spent down under has mostly been during the Christmas holidays, so understandably, everyone is of higher spirits, but socialising is definitely one of the Australians strong points. It doesn’t take them long on a Friday afternoon to celebrate the weekend, the know exactly how to enjoy themselves at sports events and the city is vibrant and offers something for everyone.

I don’t quite know what it is…but there is just something about that country.

If you’ve got the answer then let me know because when I’m there, I’m definitely the happiest, most content version of me.

There is just something about Australia…

That’s all for for…

Hannah x


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