New York, Part 3: Mr. Ben Brown

There were many reasons I went to New York last week; for the fun of it, to explore Brooklyn and see Jeremy Loops perform. However, the overriding reason that I wanted to drive there was to meet Ben Brown.
Now, understandably, many of you won’t have any idea who he is or what he does. Well, here is what he does.

Yeah, he’s pretty awesome.

To put things into perspective, I’ve been subscribed to Ben on YouTube since he had a few thousand followers. Now he has over 365,000. He is also an unbelievably talented photographer.

The best thing about Ben’s YouTube channel is that he consistently posts high quality content. The money that he makes from YouTube is invested straight back into his brand, passion and viewers.

Many of you wont be able to grasp the concept of watching a daily vlogger (video blogger,) every…single…day but, think of it as a TV show.

So whilst it’s completely alienated to most non-YouTube friendly people, it was a huge deal that I got to meet him, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I assumed I’d have to stand in line after the concert, say Hi, give him a hug, get a picture, then leave. Oh, I was so wrong.

Meeting Ben was an even more special experience than I’d ever imagined.

*Total fan-girl moment, I know!*

Firstly, I got to chat to the band and your manager before the show. Then, during the show I looked to my right and Ben was standing right there. Shouting over to him, we high fives and I was satisfied. However, he made the effort to come over, ask my name, hug me and film me for the vlog…which I got all shy about haha.

After the show, we got another chance to chill and talk to Ben, take some pictures and he signed some stuff for me too. He then proceeded to say, “Are you guys staying? See you later at the bar!”


I never imagined celebrating a shot of whiskey with Ben Brown, but I did. And, it was awesome.

Ben completely exceeded my expectations. He didn’t have to make the effort to spend time with his fans, but he did. He was genuinely a great guy.

He’s definitely one of my biggest inspirations. His work reminds me to keep living life to the fullest and to never stop adventuring. Life is too short to not love every single day.

If you haven’t already, check out his YouTube channel, website and most importantly, his Instagram.

Keep Dreaming Big,

Hannah x


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