New York, Part 2: Brooklyn Stole My Heart

I’ve visited New York City before but you know, it was the usual touristy stuff like visiting Times Square, open bus tour, Broadway Show…you get the picture.

But this time, road tripping down the hectic highway on a Friday afternoon to Brooklyn, revealed a whole new side of New York I’d never seen before. I’ve never been a huge fan of cities and New York has always been particularly unappealing. Brooklyn, however, is a different story.

I could honestly spend days exploring the streets of Brooklyn. Every restaurant, bar, club and shop has its own unique style and appearance. Big corporate brands are nowhere to be seen, the regular stores you seen plastered all over billboards and the streets of Manhattan are unknown to the Brooklyn regulars.

Instead, it’s busy with rows of vintage bars with exclusive features. Every building is painted, decorated and designed in its own distinctive style that matches no other building in town.

Likewise, the place is filled with creative, independent and carefree folks that are all pursuing similar things; to achieve their dreams and one day make it in their industry.

The vibe in the streets was upbeat and completely positive. I felt so alive with every turn I made and every person I bumped in to. Brooklyn was a burrow of belief; somewhere everyone and anyone can fit in.

I didn’t experience Brooklyn’s somewhat dangerous reputation, instead I felt safe and surrounded by a community where everyone was confident with their desires and passions to pursue something they love.

While NYC is a huge tourist attraction and I’m sure there are similar aspects of Manhattan to explore, Brooklyn definitely stole my heart. I’m already desperate to return.

Keep Dreaming Big,

Hannah x


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