New York, Part 1: The Jeremy Loops Tour

On Friday, myself, Kyle and Hailey (see picture below!) drove to Brooklyn, New York to see Mr. Jeremy Loops and his band perform at the Brooklyn Bowl.

As you know we’re all students with minimal money to waste on silly things like expensive hotel rooms…so we decided to drive to NYC, with no hotel booked and pull an all-nighter. There’s no better place to stay up all night than ‘The City That Never Sleeps!’

Hailey, Myself and Kyle

The spontaneous night turned out to be one of the best and happiest nights of my life. We were care free in New York City, singing our hearts out in the front row, making new friends and dancing with strangers.

Yeah, it was a f*cking incredible night.

Honestly, I’m lost for words and don’t really know where to start because there’s so much to explain! So, I’m going to split the night into separate blog posts and gradually paint our adventure to you.

Mr. Jeremy Loops

Jeremy Loops is a modern folk artist from Cape Town, South Africa and Friday night marked the finale of his band’s 8-week world tour. When I saw that they would be performing in New York, I knew I had to get tickets. It was unreal.

Jeremy uses a loop pedal on stage to create layers of music, using his voice, guitar and harmonica. From the second he stepped on stage right to the closing song, his energy and presence was electric. He’s one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever seen.

Everyone I met was so passionate about music and the arts; it was awesome to be surrounded by so many creative people! There was a real sense of community within the crowd, every one was just so happy; I’ve never experienced anything like it.

Motheo Moleko
Shaun (Mr. Sakitumi)

Brooklyn Bowl, the venue itself, was very unique with the stage and dance floor on one side of the room and a row of bowling alleys along the other. The place was decorated perfectly, with old leather couches, rustic features and an overall vintage look.

It was so cool to meet Jeremy after the show and personally thank him for such an amazing time. He was so genuine and thankful, I could tell he was grateful for every single person that came to the show…that by the way, tickets were only $10 for, BARGAIN!

It was inspiring watching Jeremy and his band up on stage doing exactly what they love to do, sing, song-write and entertain. They motivated me to keep pursuing my dreams and not to settle for anything less than happiness, and more importantly, doing something I love.

Jamie Faull

The quality of Jeremy’s show made the night even more perfect. If you ever get the chance to see him live, don’t miss out! His set was full of happy, feel good songs and we just couldn’t stop jamming all night long.

In my next few posts I’ll explain more about our night in New York and what else we got up to. But for now, check out Jeremy’s music, website and social media!

Stay tuned for my upcoming NYC posts, more photographs and GoPro footage of our spontaneous night adventure.

Keep Dreaming Big,

Hannah x

Photographs taken by Kyle Finn Dempsey, Instagram – @kylefinndempsey


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