Living The Dream.


Over the weekend, I’ve spent over 10 hours a day coaching field hockey at a College Connection camp. More than 250 kids came to the camp, where they were split up into teams and played up to 10 games each. It was an awesome set up, with skill sessions, televised games, seminars and student athlete Q&A panels.

All the campers and assistant coaches stayed in the dorms. So, this meant I was in charge of bed check and making sure all the girls weren’t running wild at night. Nothing a little bribery and free pizza couldn’t solve!!

Even though there’s pretty much nothing I love more than playing hockey, coaching is definitely a close second.

I absolutely love seeing players make progress, so watching my team develop over the weekend was awesome. There’s no better feeling than giving a player advice and seeing them listen, learn and then succeed on the field.

For the past 2 years I’ve gone back and forth with the idea of wanting to coach, but this weekend was a huge eye opener for me. I realised that if I have the opportunity to make a living doing something that I love, I have to pursue it, no matter what.

Whilst I have other dreams and ambitions to write, blog and start my own business, I’d be stupid to not continue doing the one thing I’m truly passionate about. Hockey.

I can’t imagine anything better than continuing to be on the field every day, traveling the country coaching hockey and being 100% dedicated to helping a team progress.

That’s the dream anyway.

Keep Dreaming Big, (cause I am!)

Hannah x


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