I’m Worth $1.73

It’s less than 2 days until payday and my bank balance is currently $1.73. That’s definitely a record for me. Unfortunately, I can’t even afford the $1.75 small coffee from the cafe at work. You know things got real when $5 movie Tuesday is out of your budget.

However, I did do my grocery shopping last week so my fridge is somewhat ‘full.’ Well…full on broke student terms.

  • Half a bottle of milk
  • 10 eggs
  • a packet of sliced ham
  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • salami
  • cheese
  • tomatoes
  • half a lettuce
  • a lot of chicken
  • and of course, leftovers!

Living a ‘paycheck-to-paycheck’ life this summer has definitely put things into perspective. I’ve learned a new value to money and food than I ever have before.

I’ve realised actually how generous friends are when they share food or cook you dinner. When you’re living on a student budget it’s not always easy to share the minimal food that you have.
Iced coffee and chocolates are no longer normal daily purchases. Instead, I get much more excited about a cheaper loaf of bread or a discounted dozen of eggs. Oh, and when fruit is 2 for 1, it’s a great day.

I’ve recently started doing my groceries at Aldi…I even bought one of those fancy brown bags that you can reuse everytime you return. I officially feel like a 50 year old housewife.

My usually weekly shop at Stop & Shop (basically Tesco to non-American readers) was on average $50 a week. At Aldi, the same shop was only $30! Safe to say my student loyalties will be lying with Aldi for now!

Even though things are pretty tight right now, I’m actually really grateful to experience it by myself and having my own responsibilities and independence in the “big-bad-world,” which most of us are protected from growing up.

If one thing great has come out of my broke ass start to summer, it’s given me a huge motivation to work and earn my own money. I may not even be saving or spending it on what I want, but it’s been a huge learning curve.

Students out there keep strong….and of course, Keep Dreaming Big!

Hannah x


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