My First Yoga Class.

Inhale Love, Exhale Hate & Create Your Own Calm.

I’ve eventually jumped on the Yogi train.

Many of my friends absolutely love Yoga but I’ve just never got round to going to a class. Also, I could never quite understand paying someone to help me stretch for an hour when I could do it myself or even watch a YouTube video.The gym I’m working at provides a bunch of group classes from Zumba, Insanity, Spinning & then all these crazy Yoga classes. I made a promise to myself to at least try a Yoga class this summer.

At the end of a working a 40 hour week, I was more than excited for my first ever Yoga class on Friday night.

In my head I imagined a lot of deep breathing, meditating and basically, sitting on my butt. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I completely underestimated Yoga. My arms were shaking during most of the class and I failed to properly hold any of the poses. (I’ll blame the workout beforehand…)Also, my wrists were SO SORE! But I know, I know…”use your fingertips to spread energy and release pressure from your wrists!”

Even though it was much more difficult than I imagined, I definitely want to go to more classes and get working on my flexibility and strength.

The hour class was super relaxing and I honestly felt really great after it finished. I can’t deny that the final 5 minutes of the class was my favourite part…aka the meditating. It was perfectly peaceful end to a long week.

I’m hoping to get into the routine of going to two classes a week and maybe eventually treat myself to my own yoga mat!

If you’ve never tried Yoga before I encourage you to do it, and if you’re a ‘pro-Yoga-goer’ then let me know your favourite type of yoga or what I should try!

Keep Dreaming Big,

• N A M A S T É •

Hannah x


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