40 hours a week at the Gym.

This summer I’m working at a gym. More specifically I’m working at the reception of the gym. For 8 hours a day, 5 days a week I sit at the front desk, sell memberships, swipe people in, smile nicely and shout, “Have a nice day!”

So, as you might know, desk jobs aren’t particularly glamorous and dealing with customers can be extremely frustrating but also surprisingly entertaining. This job is no exception.

Whilst working 40 hours a week is pretty difficult for me, (given that during past summers I usually don’t make it out of bed until 2pm) I’m actually really enjoying this job and the challenges it’s bringing me each day.

I’ve discovered a whole new level of sympathy for people working behind a desk. Now when I walk into any office I feel an instant bond with fellow desk workers…like “sup bro, I know your pain…you’ll get through the day.”

If there’s anything I can ask of you, please be patient with customer service staff and also…throwing them an extra smile won’t hurt anyone.

After 3 weeks of sitting at the desk watching people coming to and from their workouts, I decided a post about the types of gym junkies would be appropriate.

So, here are 6 people you’ll always find at the gym.

The Workout Bro

You’ll all know who I’m talking about. He’s wearing an extra tight shirt and pants that are way too small. He spends more time looking in the mirror flexing his ‘guns’ than working out.

Super Gran & Elderly Man

The oldies will never miss a day at the gym. They show up at 9:00am, use the bike machine for exactly 1 hour, chat to their fellow retired gym goers and then they’ll be back tomorrow, same time, same place, without fail.

The Token Cute Chick

She’s got all the gear, but no idea. Breaking a sweat is her worst nightmare, any chance she might ruin the full face of make up she has on isn’t worth risking.

The Grunter

Male or female, the grunters just can’t resist letting the entire gym know that they are lifting ‘heavy’ weights. His or her obnoxious sounds during every rep make it incredibly uncomfortable for everyone else at the gym.

The Angry Man

Oh, the Angry Man…Mr. Angry Man doesn’t know why he’s even at the gym. Maybe he’s avoiding his nagging wife or irritating children, but either way anything or everything aggravates him. The machine he wants is always being used or someone moved his weights. Usually found huffing and puffing around the gym like they own the place.

The Giggling Girls

These girls all made a pact to get their ‘Bikini Bods’ for summer. They spend more time snapping selfies and videoing each other than completing any sort of workout.

Side note: anyone that has the motivation to get to the gym every day and commit to those memberships, congrats to you! All jokes aside, keep up the good work! Exercise is one of the easiest, cheapest and most satisfying ways to keep healthy and happy.

I love seeing my regulars every day; they inspire me to get off my butt and workout after sitting at a desk for 8 hours!

Keep Dreaming Big,

Hannah x


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