Biggest Commitment I’ve Ever Made.

IMG_9471Hello, again.

I can’t believe it’s already June 7th. But that is completely irrelevant.

This post is actually a little more exciting than the fact it’s June 7th. This post is actually a little, but special, announcement. So, if you are one of the few (Hi Mum) that read my blog, firstly, thank you…but secondly, you may notice things have changed a bit round here since the last post.

I decided that my blog needed a mini re-launch. So, I have updated the layout of the website and changed the name to But, most importantly, starting today I will be BLOGGING TWICE A WEEK and therefore, posting a lot more content. As usual my posts will range from personal updates to information, products, lifestyle and of course, travel!

I will be posting every Sunday and every Wednesday.

There I did it. I committed.

You can expect a variety of content from written posts to photo blogs or videos, favorite recipes, workout suggestions or even just life updates.

I’m really excited about posting regularly and continuing to develop my blog. Stay tuned.

I promise I have lots of exciting things planned this summer and I fully intend on documenting them right here on this page.

So welcome to my Wanderful Dreams…I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I’m going to.

Keep Dreaming Big,

Hannah x


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