10 Types Of People You’ll Always Find On Your Flight…Which One Are You?

  1. The Chaotic Family

This is the family of 3 or more kids with parents that have given up trying to control their children. Snacks, toys and bags are everywhere and the kids run wild while the parents regret ever thinking this was a good idea.


  1. The Loan Teenager

Most likely found by the nearest plug socket, eating fast food and charging every electronic possible.

  1. Know-It-All Business Man

Seeing as he travels every week for his fancy corporate company, he considers himself much more superior to you. Proud of his frequent flyer points, you’ll find him pushing his way to the front of the line with his leather briefcase.

  1. The Cute Elderly Couple You Want To Help

Shuffling slowly around the airport trying to understand all the new technology, you just want to make sure they’re all right. Studying their ticket together trying to read what seat they’re in, you can’t resist offering to help.


  1. The Newly Married Couple And Their New Born Baby

You can spot them a mile off. They are over prepared for everything, but really they have no idea what they’re doing. The Dad uncomfortably holds their tiny baby as the Mum stressfully tries to organize their excessive amount of belongings. They glare at each other and irritably pass the baby back and forth.

  1. The Middle-Aged Couple

They’ve been married 22 years and most likely don’t speak a word to each other all flight. He is quite happy reading his newspaper and she is even happier drinking the free wine and doing a crossword.

  1. The Annoying Brats

Sprinting down the aisle like they’re in the 100m Olympic final, these kids think the plane is a play park. Bashing into your leg and knocking your elbow every time they run past, you want to slap the little buggers cause they keep waking you up.


  1. The Loud Americans

Everyone knows who they are, where they are going and why they are here due to their unfortunately loud conversations that are impossible to ignore. Shouting up and down the plane there is always a drama, a lost bag, or a seating conflict that creates some inflight entertainment for the other passengers.


  1. The Drunk

He’s already asleep before take off, but conveniently wakes up as the drinks are served. Taking full advantage of the free alcohol, he orders a bottle of wine, beer and G&T and before you know it he’s passed out, snoring for the rest of the flight.

  1. The Restless Passenger

This person is the flight crew’s nightmare. They are never sitting in their seat, always trying to use the lavatory at the most inconvenient times and they annoyingly overuse the flight attendant button. This over thinker is full of questions and queries and ultimately won’t leave anybody alone.


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