6 YouTubers YOU Need To Click On.

If you’re not aware that YouTube is the Internet’s biggest sensation…get out from under your rock. YouTube is no longer just funny cat videos and cute babies giggling and crying on your screen, believe it or not, YouTube is a career opportunity.

We’re not just talking one viral video of your Grandma falling over; we’re talking weekly videos with hundreds and thousands of viewers Through YouTube, online creators are paid as a partner of the website through views on their videos, clicks, comments, likes and subscribers.

So if you’re new to the whole ‘YouTube’ craze, here are 6 You Tubers you most definitely need to subscribe to. Check out each video I linked from their channels, I especially recommend Ben and Jack’s, click on them here. <<<<

  1. Grace Helbig


Subscribers: 2,333,215 (as of May 6th 2015)

Channel Genre: Comedy

Nationality: American

Uploads: Daily, 5-10 minutes

About: Grace started making videos on YouTube back in 2006. She is an extremely funny, sarcastic online comedian who has branched out into several new mediums. Grace has published 2 books, written and produced a film called Camp Takota and recently launched a TV show on E!

  1. JacksGap


Subscribers: 4,041,845 (as of May 6th 2015)

Channel Genre: Life, Love, Inspiration, Music and Everything In-between.

Nationality: British

Uploads: Approximately twice a month, 5-10 minutes

About: Twin brothers Jack and Finn Harries run the ‘Jacksgap’ channel, which was launched in 2011 as a place for Jack to document his gap year before going to University. The videos on this channel have amazing content and edited to the highest quality. The channel has many mini-series such as a music series called Shed Sessions, The Rickshaw Run which documented them traveling across India and Following Heart showing stories of inspirational individuals.

  1. Mr Ben Brown


Subscribers: 336,407 (as of May 6th 2015)

Channel Genre: Travel Daily Vlogging

Nationality: British

Uploads: Daily, 10-15 minutes

About: Before YouTube Ben Brown was a kayaker for Great Britain, winning a marathon world championship. His creative side took over and fellow YouTuber, Louis Cole, persuaded him to set up a channel. Ben frequently travels the world to especially beautiful places such as, Canada, South Africa and India. He is also a very talented photographer and has an inspiring Instagram, go check it out!

  1. The Lean Machines


Subscribers: 209,865 (as of May 6th 2015)

Channel Genre: Health & Fitness

Nationality: British

Uploads: Weekly, 3-8 minutes

About: This channel is run by fitness due, John Chapman and Leon Bustin. Each week they provide a range of videos from workout routines, fitness advice to healthy meal ideas. Their channel is great because they apply to a range of experience from beginners to expert fitness fanatics.

  1. SacconeJolys


Subscribers: 990,001 (as of May 6th 2015)

Channel Genre: Family Daily Vlogging

Nationality: Irish, 13-17 minutes

Uploads: Daily

About: The Saccone-Jolys is an Irish family who now live in London, they vlog their lives daily! The family consists of the parents Jonathon and Anna, the children Emilia and Eduardo, and 6 Maltese dogs! This channel is great because there’s something for everyone. If you love babies, dogs and all things cute, you’ll love their videos. Jonathon is car obsessed and enjoys mountain biking and many other outdoors activities, while Anna likes to vlog baking, shopping, hair, beauty and other Mummy activities!


  1. ThatcherJoe


Subscribers: 4,378,460 (as of May 6th 2015)

Channel Genre: Comedy/Pranking

Nationality: British

Uploads: Weekly

About: Joe Sugg, who once worked as a roof thatcher…hense the name ‘ThatcherJoe,’ is the younger brother of YouTube sensation Zoella, who has 8 million subscribers. Joe is known as the Ultimate Prank King amongst the YouTubers. His videos are full of hilarious content and his goes to any extent to pull off the most extreme pranks ever seen.


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