A Day at Doggie Daycare.

The pet industry, especially in the Untied States, is booming. Pet Hotels are popping up everywhere and the initial trend is now a thriving business opportunity, in extremely high demand.

In 2014, Americans spent $58 billion on their pets, according tothe American Pet Product Association (APPA), and the industry is continuing to grow. More and more people are buying pets and treating them as part of the family, spending increasingly more money on pet products and services. It is expected that in 2015, over $60 billion will be spent on pets around America.

Bedtime at Pet Hotel Hadley

Pet Hotels, often known as ‘Doggie Daycare,’ offers short or long-term boarding for dogs and cats. The first modern pet hotel to exist originated in New York City, called Yuppie Puppy Pet Care, and opened in 1987 by a businessman from San Francisco.

IBIS World reported that from 2009 to 2012, the pet hotel industry created over 17,000 jobs and predicted another 33,000 were generated from 2012 to 2015. This year, there are nearly 200,000 pet care businesses that exist across the Untied States of America.

Listen to sophomore student, Katie Clark’s opinions below about the pet industry and her personal experiences as a dog walker.


Pet Hotel Hadley, located on route 9 in Amherst Massachusetts, opened back in August 2012. Owner Jessie Yanovsky, was forced to expand her own small pet care business due to such high demand.

Her pet hotel can now hold up to 100 dogs, has 73 rooms available, is open 24 hours and she employees 15 people. Yanovsky’s staff works a series of shifts in order to care for the animals 24/7, providing the highest level of flexibility for her customers. The range of shifts that her employees work is 7am – 3pm, 3pm – 11:30pm or 11:30pm – 7am.

For your pet to spend a full day at Pet Hotel Hadley it costs $29. To spend the night, for a cat it costs $28 and for dogs it ranges from $35 to $72 per night depending on what suite you choose for your pet. However, there are many other rates and prices such as 5, 10 and 20 day passes. You can find a list of all their products and prices here.

Slideshow of all suites available.

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Alecia Small, a worker at Pet Hotel Hadley, said that they are always busy during their shift, feeding the animals, playing with them and cleaning the facilities. “Feeding all of the dogs can take a long time,” she added, “the other day it took us an hour to feed 60 dogs.”

Every animal that stays at Pet Hotel Hadley has their own named tray, which holds their specific food, treats and leashes. There is a fully equip kitchen, with preparation areas, fridges and freezers to store personal medication and treatments for the animals.

The Pet’s Personal Trays, image Hannah Farrell

When asked about the hotel’s most frequent visitors, Small explained that dogs and cats come for many different reasons and for a range of time periods. One of their previous dogs stayed at the hotel for 2 months. Some dogs attend day care five days a week, every week of the year, while others come for the occasional play date or once a year during their owner’s vacation.

“One of our latest clients brings her dog to the hotel once a week while she goes to yoga,” Small continued, “sometimes people bring their dog just so they can go to the movies!”

The experience at Pet Hotel Hadley is quite the luxury. Small explained that dogs arrive with personal snacks such as steak, cheese strings and peanut butter balls. Frequent visitors at the hotel make friends with the other regular dogs, this means that that puppy pals can stay and snuggle in the same room!

“Some of our smallest dogs think they are 100lbs, so they like to play with the big dogs,” Small stated.

There are three indoor play areas at Pet Hotel Hadley, where the dogs spend most of their day. During playtime, there is always a member of staff to play with the dogs and supervise them. In order to keep peace, the dogs are divided first by size but most importantly, by compatibility. Inside Kitty City, the cats take turns at having the play area to themselves, while the other cats snuggle up in their purrrfect suite.

Pet Hotel Hadley goes beyond expectations in providing the best experience for your dog or cat. For an extra charge, your pet can receive a huge range of treatments from spa packages, to professional grooming and bubble baths.

Heather Gange, an employee at the University of Massachusetts, has been using Pet Hotel Hadley for nearly 3 years now for her golden retriever, Charly. She explained,

Hadley Pet Hotel is great! The staff there are super friendly and great with the dogs. Charly is always exhausted when I pick her up because she has a blast there. The hours are super convenient and having a staff member there 24/7 make me feel more comfortable about leaving her when I go out of town.”

Forget your past judgments on animal kennels because Pet Hotel Hadley is the perfect pet haven for your animal. Dogs bound into Pet Hotel Hadley, barking with excitement to see their fury friends and the staff, that greet them with a warm welcome and caring cuddles.

For all of Pet Hotel Hadley’s contact details, click here.


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