12 Struggles Every International Student Faces.

1. Dealing with endless angry Americans who insist that your pronunciation and spelling is absolutely, completely, utterly WRONG!


2. Forever having to find a ride to the airport.

3. Joining a family’s Thanksgiving celebrations as the token foreign friend…when you have no idea what Thanksgiving even is.


4. Awkwardly trying to find a response to “Your accent is so cool!”…”Umm..thanks?”


5. Relying on shitty Internet service to have awful quality Skype calls with your parents at the weirdest times of the day.

6. Feeling like a child again because you are no longer legally allowed to buy or consume alcohol.


7. Time difference. Pain in the ass. That is all.

8. Constantly having to convert every purchase from dollars to pounds to check I’m still, most definitely, still broke.


9. Having to be extremely self-disciplined to not indulge entirely into the humongous food portions.

10. Getting death stares for using slang words from your home country because your American friends refuse to attempt to translate at all.


11. Paperwork that never, ever, EVER ends. And obviously, the international students office is on the other side of campus.

12. Living on edge that you’re going to get kicked out of America at any second.



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