The Ultimate Puppy Bucket List!

If you love your dog unconditionally and can’t face wasting a single day with your canine best friend, you’ve clicked on the right page. Any adrenaline junkies out there that want their dogs to live life to the full, here are some activities your pooch MUST experience.

  • Doga (Yoga…Doggie Style)

We all know that ladies across the nation love the yoga trend however; your dogs can enjoy the craze too. Any dog, any size, any age can join in with you and your yoga class. Doga is extremely good for you and your pup and a great time to bond with your fury friend.

  • Dog Surfing

Not the easiest of activities for your dog, but what better way to cool down on a hot summers day than a bit of doggy surfing?! There are plenty of dog surfing competitions across the country if your pooch becomes quite the pro at riding waves.

  • Hot Air Balloon

Don’t miss the opportunity to spend a once in a lifetime experience with your pet. I’d suggest you make sure your dog is extremely calm and comfortable with heights before trying this daring adventure!

  • Doggy Skateboard

Your dog doesn’t have to pull you along on your skateboard…they can join in too! Don’t deprive your dog of the gnarly life when he could be the next big skate star.

  • Pet Paddle Boarding

Peacefully paddling over the ocean or down a river with your pup is the perfect adventure for you both. Train your dog to stay on the board with the use of treats or allow him to enjoy a refreshing swim within the safety of a doggy life jacket.


  • Doggy Day Care

It is only fair that your dog gets to socialize just like you do. It is every owner’s duty to allow his or her pet to make puppy pals; the perfect way to do this is take your dog to daycare! A room full of dogs all shapes and sizes with endless toys to play with = doggy heaven!

  •  Watch The Top 10 Doggy Movies With Your Pooch
  1. Marmaduke
  2. Marley & Me (pictured above)
  3. Air Bud
  4. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
  5. 101 Dalmatians
  6. Turner & Hooch
  7. Hotel for Dogs
  8. Best in Show
  9. Beverly Hills Chihuahua
  10. Lassie Come Home
  • Woofstock

A festival for dogs I hear you say? Of course! Woofstock is the biggest outdoor dog festival in North America, with 300,000 attendees. It’s a FREE, non-stop, 2-day party at Toronto Beaches for you and your dog!

  • Dog Zorbing

Zorbing is basically a huge hamster ball designed for humans. However, put the enormous inflatable ball on water and throw your dog inside and they’ll have fun for hours. Though, your pup might think he is walking on water, but no harm in that.


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