Meet Oscar Clark, the Lhasa Apso Poodle Mix.


Name: Oscar Kevin Clark

Breed: Lhasa Aspo Poodle Mix

Age: 8 years old

Birthday: February 11th

From: Vienna, VA

IMG_4849How you doing Oscar?

A little ruff.

Aww shame! What’s up?

One of my canines is getting loose. I get a lot of problems with my teeth and I’ve had tooth surgery before, so I’m scared!

Oh no, you must be eating too many treats! What are your favorite snacks?

I love peanut butter and cheese bones and frosty paws peanut butter dog ice cream.

What’s your favorite thing to do at the weekend?

Well, I enjoy chasing deer in the backyard. I once caught a chipmunk all by myself you know!?

Pretty impressive, what’s your favorite TV show?

Oh! I really love watching ESPN with Dad…when he’s not looking I sneak on to the couch!

What else do you get in trouble for?

Hmm…I always seem to get in trouble for chewing up everyone’s underwear…or eating human food, it’s just so tasty!!

Who’s your best friend?

Well, I really love my big sister Katie because she always buys me the best presents, but my best friend is my Grandma’s toy poodle, Nani.

What kind of presents does Katie buy you?

She got me a dog cookie for Christmas, it was so yummy!

Do you hangout with Katie a lot?

She’s at college now, so I don’t see her much anymore. I really miss hanging out and doing yoga with her. But it’s nice napping in her bed and she can’t dress me up in things when she’s away.

What’s your favorite outfit?

I like wearing my UMass bandana when I go to the park or down to the tennis courts. My favorite outfit ever was dressing up as a Hot Dog for Halloween; I was definitely the best-dressed dog in town.

Thanks for hanging out Oscar!

No problem, I’m going to the park now..Ciao!!


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