Blogger, Amanda Chatel, Is The Online Best Friend & Love Guru You’ve Been Waiting For.

Amanda Chatel is an online blogger who writes frequently for websites such as Bustle, Mic, YouBeauty and YourTango. Some of her work ahs also featured on The Frisky, The Gloss, Daily Muse, Huffington Post, BlackBook, LearnVest, Forbes and The Atlantic. Chatel posts daily, however, it is difficult to track all of her work because she is involved with numerous different websites. Most of her recent work can be found on ThoughtCatalog.

Chatel graduated from the University of New Hampshire and graduated with a BA in Creative Writing. She now divides her time between working in New York City and Paris.

Her articles cover a broad range of topics such as religion, fashion, sex, music, politics and art. However, the majority of her most recent and popular posts revolve around love, sex and romance.

I particularly like Chatel’s style and tone of writing. She can be very witty, funny and controversial, which I like. Such as, in her post How to Know You’re Over Your Ex, one of her examples was ‘you no longer respond to news of a new girlfriend like your heart is being sucked from your chest by a cheap vacuum cleaner.’

But, she does have a more serious side and some of her works expresses her own experiences, some extremely personal. For example, Chatel published a post on Bustle where she opened up about her own suicide attempt and time in a psychiatric ward. Furthermore, on YourTango she talks about her own encounter with date rape to relate to the ongoing problems with rape and sexual assaults in society.

Some of her posts on The Frisky follow a ‘True Story’ trend, where she uses her own stories for entertainment value such as, My Fiancé’s Ex Is Doing Everything She Can To Make My Life Hell, Lessons Learned From A Lifetime Of Dating Men With Substance Problems, Why I Tell Everyone About My Abortion and I Accepted A Marriage Proposal After Only 5 Months Of Dating.

Not all of her posts include her own experiences and accounts though; she writes many posts that use list forms and ‘How To’ formats, such as 9 Things Proven To Make You Happy, 8 Signs You’re In Lust, Not Love and How To Answer When Asked Why You’re Still Single.

Apart from the occasional short list or step-by-step guide, her posts are actually quite long but still an interesting, entertaining read. I’ve noticed that her posts on Bustle are significantly longer, frequently exceeding 1,000 words per post. For example, her piece A Thank You Letter To The Man That Broke My Heart, is just under 1,000 words. Her longer pieces usually include a noticeable amount of her opinion, views and experiences. She also likes to add suitable graphics, pictures and funny memes to her posts, shown here in her article What It’s Like To Be In A Long Distance Relationship.

I’ve noticed that her writing doesn’t necessarily include much of her own reporting, the majority of it is aggregation or applying her opinion to existing subject matter. Even so, her take on the topics are enjoyable and interesting to read!

Chatel’s posts are usually quite opinionated regardless of whether her own opinion is stated. Therefore, some of the comments she receives are generally very opinionated too, either counter arguing her article or expressing agreement. Overall, her posts don’t really generate a lot of comments. At most I noticed between 5-10 comments. However, her posts do gain a significant amount of shares on social media.

I do think that I would like to have a blogging career similar to Chatel’s. She seems to have a lot of writing freedom and manages to incorporate her own opinions without it being overwhelming. I like that she writes for a range of websites as she’s publishing her work to potentially a lot of different readers and building a broad brand as an online writer.


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