Presentation 2: Bloggers.

My second presentation will focus on the work of an individual blogger, such as their writing, genre and overall approach to blogging. I particularly enjoy the posts of two online writers, Amanda Chatel and Lauren Zupkus.

Amanda Chatel.

I came across Chatel’s posts through the website Chatel writes mostly for the Lifestyle and Entertainment sections on Bustle, two of my favorite categories to read. Whilst she contributes to a broad spectrum on online topics such as religion, fashion, sex, music, politics and art, most of her pieces on Bustle regard love, sex and romance.

I like her work because she writes about her personal experiences and often tells her own stories through her posts. I think she gets a good balance of personal, neutral and informative articles. Some of her posts can be quite controversial and edgy, another reason why I enjoy her writing.

Chatel has also written for MIC, The Atlantic, Forbes, LearnVest, xoJane, Huffington Post, The Frisky, YourTango, BlackBook and YouBeauty.

Lauren Zupkus.

Lauren Zupkus is an assosciate editor at The Huffington Post and writes daily for them. She is an entertainment writer that mostly focuses on the events, drama and gossip of the most popular celebrities.

Her work isn’t particularly groundbreaking journalism; she produces articles with very clicky, attractive headlines that people are drawn to. Her actual posts are usually extremely short and typically include Instagram and Twitter pictures, links and screenshots. I’m interested to look further into her daily posts to see what type of audience she attracts as her posts are relatively simple but grab your attention.


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