Off The Field: The UMass Field Hockey Team.

“Spring training is really the beginning of the journey for what lies ahead.  It’s what forms the foundation of the team – all the work, sacrifice, gains, and improvements dictate who we are and what we will be.” Head Coach & former U.S National Team Player, Carla Tagliente.

UMass Field Hockey.
Hailey Cockrum encourages Katie Clark through barbell curls.

Shauna Rankin-Byrne works through her chin up sets.
Goalkeeper Emily Hazard watches her team play out a penalty corner.
Katie Clark & Mirra Stillman mid med-ball slam.

“I’m excited for the future of this team because they are growing tremendously each day. The amount of hard work and dedication the group puts in is huge, and will benefit us next season.” Assistant Coach, former US National Team Player & 2012 Olympian, Shannon Taylor.

The team is instructed to complete 3 x 1 minute planks.
Goalkeeper Sam Carlino, post game.
Goalkeepers Emily Hazard & Sam Carlino help each other in the weight room.
Shauna Rankin-Byrne works out with the Battle Ropes.
Izzie Delario completes a box jump.
Katie Clark works on her core exercises.
Nicole Kuerzi prepares in the weight room.
Izzie Delario, post workout.
The team collects breakfast before traveling to UConn.

“Spring training is an important part of the year, it’s when the team looses important role models and captains and is forced to re-build and create a new identity. It’s a time for our underclass men to step up and fill the role of the graduating seniors.” Assistant Coach & Goalkeeper of the Back to Back UConn NCAA Champs Team, Sarah Mansfield.


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