YouTube: Breaking The Internet.

BuzzFeed doesn’t miss a trick. Scroll through what’s trending and it’s updated every day, hour or minute. Whether it’s who performed best at the Oscars last week or how Madonna fell down a set of stairs during her performance at The BRITs last night. BuzzFeed has the hottest, juiciest news 24/7.

Given BuzzFeed’s younger, Internet savvy audience, my story for BuzzFeed would be surrounding YouTube and how it’s becoming an extremely popular platform for television and advertising.

When you think of YouTube it’s normal to think of funny cat videos or cute babies falling over but YouTube is a career for thousands of creators. YouTube creators are becoming celebrities in their own right. 

YouTube star comedian Jenna Marbles with 14 MILLION subscribers! She posts one video a week, which is ultimately unscripted, poorly edited but very funny and she gets views and audience numbers that television companies would only dream of.

Zoe Sugg, known online as ‘Zoella’ has over 7 million subscribers on YouTube. This huge audience has given these young YouTube stars endless opportunities. Zoella for example, now has her own beauty line and a best selling book Girl Online. Troye Sivan landed himself a record deal and Top 40 single after posting videos of himself singing online. YouTubers attend events worldwide such as Playlist and VidCon, attracting thousands of viewers for meet ups.

With millions of subscribers and thousands of daily views, advertisers and branding companies are catching on to this new media and opportunity to promote their products. Gradually it is becoming more obvious to YouTube viewers that the creators are being endorsed to promote certain products or events. Day by day the comments are filling with angry users feeling betrayed and used by the You-Tuber.

But what’s next? Is YouTube going to take over television? How can YouTubers and advertisers deal with the upcoming success of YouTubers and their need to sustain a career?


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