Are You Buzzing About BuzzFeed?

imagesOver the last 2 weeks it has been interesting learning about a range of online publications from Vox to Deadspin to Politico. It’s valuable to us as young journalists to analyze what works or doesn’t work for online media.

I hadn’t heard of many of the websites before they were presented to me, however, I took a liking to a few of them, particularly Deadspin and FiveThirtyEight. But I have to admit that I am already a regular BuzzFeed visitor, where I frequently take its ridiculous quizzes and read the hilarious posts on the latest gossip.

Whilst I feel BuzzFeed receives a lot of criticism for not being ‘real’ journalism and its rarely taken seriously as a website, I think it’s an extremely funny, ingenious and successful website. Obviously you can’t really scrutinize BuzzFeed’s journalistic reporting, ultimately that isn’t what they do. BuzzFeed has the ability to relate with their readers, make them laugh and produce articles that are repeatedly shared and sent viral.

Given BuzzFeed’s online success and talent of taking over social media, I would definitely value the experience of working for Buzzfeed. Not only do I really appreciate the tone, cynicism and entertainment that their existing writers add, I think it’s vital to know how to connect with your audience as a journalist.


I imagine working for BuzzFeed would entail a large amount of writing freedom but with the demand that you produce a high volume of daily posts. Like all journalism jobs it would be essential to keep up with day-to-day news and follow current events. However, working for BuzzFeed you would definitely have to keep up with celebrity affairs, red carpet events, Hollywood drama and the latest online trends.

BuzzFeed gives you the freedom to write to opinion posts, entertain, inform or persuade. It welcomes every aspect of writing as long as it’s something people want to read. Which seems obvious, but many of the websites we learned about are running on a poor business plan, clicks are diminishing and shares are non-existent

BuzzFeed is what is HOT, right now. It may not even exist in a couple years, months or weeks. But currently whatever it is BuzzFeed is doing, it’s working. It would be crazy for me not to want to ride that wave as a young, aspiring journalist. And hey, I’m opinionated, passionate and sometimes even a little funny.


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