Essential College Drinking Games!

timthumbBeer Pong

What You Need: 4 People, Plastic Cups, Ping-Pong Balls and a Table.

Beer Pong is definitely one of the most popular drinking games, especially in America. A college house party or pre-game isn’t successful without a ‘pong table’ keeping people busy, entertained and well, drunk.

A typical game ofBeer Pong consists of 4 people, 2 on each side of the table playing against the other couple. The pairs take turns throwing Ping-Pong balls into a triangle arrangement of cups on the opposite end of the table.

If your ball lands in one of the opponent’s cups they must consume the contents of it, which is usually a shot of your drink of choice. That cup is then removed from the table. To win, you have to eliminate all of your rival’s cups.

King’s Cup 

What You Need: Lots of People and a Deck of Cards.

King’s is also commonly known as the Circle of Death or Ring of Fire…not to alarm you or anything…

For this game everyone playing sits in a circle around a beer cup with a deck of cards spread around it, face down. Go around the circle and take turns at flipping over a card and completing what it demands. Each card has a different value.

There are many different variations and *rules for this game, but for example, when a 6 is turned ‘6 is for chicks,’ so all the women playing have to take a drink. If someone turns over a King they must pour their drink into the middle cup, the player to draw the last King has to drink the contents of the center beer cup.

*Be sure to make house rules so everyone knows the meaning of each card.

Flip Cup

What You Need: Plastic Cups, a Table and at least 6 players.

To play Flip Cup you need 2 teams with an equal number of players who stand on opposite sides of the table. Each player pours some of his or her drink into a plastic cup. The first players on each team drink what’s in their cup then place the empty cup on the edge of the table. The aim is to flip the cup in one motion so it lands facedown on the table. Once you succeed the next player can go. It’s a relay race down the table; the first team to flip all of its cups wins.

Power Hour

What You Need: Plenty to Drink and Shot Glasses.

This ‘game’ is extremely simple. You will drink 60 shots of a drink of your choice within an hour, aka one-shot per minute. Power Hour is most commonly played along to a one-hour playlist with minute clips of songs, so you drink when you hear a new song. There are endless power hours available online. Easy Peasy.

Edward 40 Hands

What You Need: Tape, a Strong Bladder and 2 40-ounce beers.

Edward 40 Hands, sometimes known as the 40 Challenge or 80 Ounces to Freedom consists of each player taping a 40-ounce beer to each of their hands. The participants are not allowed to free their hands, for any reason, until their beers are empty. This game really prevents you from doing anything but drinking, aka no checking your phone, going to the bathroom or even eating.


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