College Culture: Binge Drinking & Bargain Booze.

If you ever dare to step foot on a university campus you will be well aware that the majority of students are drinking to get completely and utterly sh*tfaced.

Unfortunately, college kids have little to spend but a lot of time to drink, so the predicament is endless. Predictably, the high quantity of cheap alcohol that tastes more like gasoline typically takes the win.

Ever wondered what the majority of students actually drink just to forget the whole night ever happened?

Vodka. Very, very cheap, sickening vodka. Why, you ask? It does the job while not breaking the bank.

When I asked local liquor stores what their most popular item was, the same answers reoccurred…Rubinoff, Rubinoff, Rubinoff, 1.75 liters of truly awful vodka that can be purchased in a range of equally revolting flavors. Often compared to nail polish. Mmm.


Beer is also a close contender. Nearly every college house party or get together features beer of some kind. Popular beer activities include Beer Olympics, Kegs, Beer Pong, Case Races and ‘Edward 40 Hands.’ A cheap and cheerful beverage, that’s available in large quantities and acts as the perfect summer time drink.

Other nominees in for ‘Most Consumed College Alcohol’ include:

  • Fireball
  • Tequila
  • Rum
  • Wine

However, every college student has that one, mysterious plastic water bottle that lingers in their dorm fridge until they are intoxicated enough to consume the deadly mixture, usually consisting of last months left overs.

It’s not surprising that the motive of college kids is to get as drunk as possible for as cheap as possible. Yet, local liquor stores stated at the beginning of each year college kids return with money to spend and often push the boat out on something a little more expensive. Such as some SKY, Grey Goose or Belvedere Vodka instead of the good old *Ruby.

This doesn’t last too long though. Liquor store workers explained that they see a dramatic drop in purchases by the 2nd semester, when students are, well…broke.

The next time you pick up an alcoholic drink or pour a ridiculous amount of vodka into a small dose of coke take a second to think, why? Does it even taste good? Probably not. Will you remember if it tastes good? Probably not. Will you still buy it next weekend? Most likely.

The college drinking culture, everyone.selection-of-alcohol-595x240

*Rubinoff aka paint thinner.


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