Bustle: Fashion Advice, Sex Tips & The Latest Gossip At Your Fingertips.


When you click on Bustle.com you are greeted with an artsy layout, famous faces, fashion & beauty, entertainment and even some respectable news stories. Bustle is basically a woman’s best friend, a place you get fashion advice, sex tips and check out the hottest, best dressed guys around.


But there’s a plot twist. The founder and CEO of Bustle is male entrepreneur, Bryan Goldberg. Bustle launched in August 2013 and the results weren’t so pretty. Goldberg’s statement that his new website would be the “first site for women to write news stories along with beauty product reviews” completely enraged existing competitors and he was completely slammed by critics.

Some of the typical articles you can find on Bustle include posts such as “This Is Why You Can Have That Extra Glass of Wine,” “BAFTAs vs. Oscars? It’s No Contest,” “3 Reasons Why People Get Obsessed With Yoga” and my personal favorite, “8 Reasons Being Single Is The Best.”

Bustle has 5 different categories, News, Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Lifestyle and Books. There is also an Explore page where you can click on the most recent and most popular topics, where you can find an archive of al related articles. Currently the explore page features Valentines Days, Super Bowl, Fifty Shades of Grey and even Justin Bieber has his own category presenting articles such as “The World Reacts to Bieber’s Bulge.”


Whilst Bustle does have a News section and I think they try to report serious, current news topics, I’m not convinced it is worth their while. This section ranges from reports of the unrest in Ukraine to how Emojis effect criminal investigations.

screen-shot-2015-02-04-at-9-37-19-pmPersonally, I do quite enjoy browsing through Bustle, however its success isn’t really that commendable. Bustle.com is ranked 1,987th globally and 626th in the United States. To compare this to a similar website with the equivalent target audience, Jezebel.com is ranked 909th globally and 228th in he United States. So Goldberg’s “unique intentions” haven’t been quite as prosperous as he imagined.

However, things are on the rise for Goldberg. 3 months after the site was originally launched it was only pulling in 1 million monthly unique visitors but now it generates 11 million visitors.

Bustle’s staff team is made up of only 27 journalists, essayists and photographers who are predominately within the 18 – 34 year old demographic. The site publishes up to 150 stories per day and they are actively recruiting people to join their team. Bustle’s intentions are to create content that is hyper specific so it will share well on social media.

Even though Bustle faced a PR nightmare, they have learned a lot since their launch and grown considerable. So if you’re interested in catching up on the latest gossip and reading some light hearted female-targeted articles, click away.


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