Instagram Inspiration.

A picture says a thousand words, or is a thousand words worth more than a picture?

A single snapshot taken in a split second can capture a moment that needs no words to inspire, influence and impact an audience. One photograph or a series of pictures can have just as much of an effect on viewers as a story or article can. Photographs add emotion, authenticity and real life visuals that sometimes words just can’t achieve.

“What are you proudest of in your life?” “I feed the pigeons and the rats when I have extra food.”

Some of the most inspiring photographers I have discovered have been though Instagram; Ben BrownMurad Osmann, Dan Mace and Jack & Finn Harries. However, I particularly appreciate photographer Brandon Stanton’s Instagram account, Humans of New York. He photographs portraits of ordinary people and their life struggles or successes in streets of New York.

To supplement Stanton’s photographs he asks his subjects simple questions such as, “what are you most scared of?” or “what was your first memory?” and he uses their responses as the pictures caption.

“The night my grandmother died, I found out that the person I thought was my sister was really my mother.”
“I want to be a porn star but I think it would embarrass my Mom too much.”

The simplicity of these photographs is what makes them so powerful to me. The short snippet of information gives a small but very personal insight into the individual’s life. I like his images because they capture the raw emotions of real, everyday people that he simply bumped into.

“I scratch myself every time the cops come because they don’t like to deal with you if you’re bleeding.”

Stanton doesn’t try to create a perfect photograph with a picturesque background or planned composition; he just takes normal photographs of people that we can relate to.

I would highly recommend that you visit Humans of New York and also check out their Instagram account, here are some of my favorite pictures taken by other Instagram photographers, Ben Brown, Dan Mace and Murad Osmann. Click on the pictures to check out their accounts.

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