Cute Dog Pics for Clicks?


I’m an avid dog lover, yet I’ve never had a dog. Well, let me rephrase – I’ve never been allowed to have dog due to my Dad and brother’s allergies. At least that’s what I was told! Therefore, I frequently go out of my way to pet any and every dog I see. Everyday I scroll through my Instagram feed and get lost within the ‘cute puppy pics’ of one month old pugs sitting in household appliances.

Confession: I am one of the 1.6million followers of @dailypuppy on Instagram.

So it wasn’t a surprise to me that when I was browsing through, the first thing I clicked on was a post about a dog. The article was titled ‘What This Woman Did For Her Dog Will Make You Cry’ and beneath the title was an adorable picture of the woman cuddling her dog.

Firstly, I was attracted to this post because of the cute dog photo. Secondly, the headline intrigued me as it insisted the post would bring me to tears.

Whilst I’m resistant to cry at anything painful or emotionally acceptable, I am prone to crying when watching things such as reality TV shows, marriage proposals on YouTube and sports. Nothing gets the tears rolling like watching someone winning the PGA Tour or Wimbledon.

So, I was interested to see if this story would in fact make me cry. The story that followed was about an English Mastiff named Gizelle, who had been diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. The dogs owner decided to create a ‘bucket list’ for Gizelle to ensure she enjoyed the last few months of her life. The owner documented their adventures on her Instagram page and of course, it was extremely cute.

The owner and her dog went canoeing together, went to the beach and visited Times Square. Gizelle also got to enjoy human treats like Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and doughnuts.

The post didn’t manage to make me cry, but I did enjoyed reading the story and it brought a smile to my face. In hindsight, the title was a little dramatic in an attempt to catch my attention. But regardless, there was a photo of a cute dog so I was destined to click anyways!


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