Day 26. Hola Barcelona! 

This morning we decided to do the free walking tour in Barcelona. We met a few Canadians and a Kiwi in our hostel that were also heading to the tour, so we all went together. The walking tour of Barcelona wasn’t as good as the Amsterdam or Berlin ones, but we’re not sure if that’s […]

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Day 23. Monaco F1 Races!

Today we bought breakfast at the local market. French breakfast are my favourite, a couple of chocolate croissants aka ‘pain du chocolat’ and a coffee or orange juice, you can’t go wrong! After breakfast we walked along the coast to the boat port, where we caught the bus to Monaco. It was about a 40 […]

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Day 22. Sunburnt in France.

This morning we packed up our stuff and walked to our next hostel in Nice, France. It was only about 15 minutes away from where we stayed last night. The new hostel is right by the beach, Old Town and the Castel…if you’re familiar with Nice at all. We dropped off our things and wandered […]

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Day 21. Travel Day to France!

Today we were planning on taking the boat across to an island about 20 minutes from Venice, but unfortunately our plans had to change. We wanted to spend the day on the island then get a train from Italy to France throughout the night. However, there is a huge train strike in Italy, so that […]

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